How to Work from Home Effectively

More and more Australian businesses are choosing to mobilise their teams to work from home. The opportunity to work from home is not an invite to ‘Netflix and chill’ (sadly!). The team of event professionals at CIS Event Management have put some top tips together on how to ensure that you can still kick goals when working remotely.

Dress to impress

While active wear may be a tempting wardrobe choice, it helps to maintain your regular work day routine as much as possible. Ditch the trackies for smart business attire and set your self up for success by getting you into the right mindset for business!

Stick to your routine

While popping a load of laundry on may be tempting, it is important to stick to your normal workday routine as much as possible. Firstly set the alarm! This is no time for a sleep in. Create a productive and tidy space for yourself to work. Try to separate your work and home space as much as possible, ie. keep your work in the  work space.  Use the time that you would normally be commuting to do a quick house tidy and/or do some exercise before your work day commences.

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Refuel and refresh

It’s an oldie (but a goodie!) – breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Don’t forget to start your working from home day right with a healthy breakfast and put time in your calendar for your regular breaks to refuel. As you would in your office, try to take your work breaks away from your desk and fuel your body with healthy snacks to keep energy levels high throughout the day. Regular breaks away from your desk – for a cuppa or a short walk – should be factored into your working from home routine to keep you feeling refreshed.

Only the lonely

If you’re not used to working at home, it can take a while to get into your groove. Avoid loneliness by scheduling regular online meetings or group chats with your team mates and colleagues. Keeping the lines of communication open throughout the day helps you stay connected.